LEAP stands for Lead, Enrich, Achieve, Progress. As the only non-profit foundation dedicated to developing, cultivating and sustaining resources to benefit all children in the Lagunitas School District, LEAP’s mission is to energize a strong community base of support. For over two decades, the LEAP board, alongside community members, have bridged the gap between government funding and the true amount needed for enrichment programs, school assemblies, field trips, classroom materials and more. Generous donations from residents, neighbors and local businesses help fund:

  • Locally sourced classroom aides
  • Music classes
  • Music instrument instruction
  • Art teachers
  • Garden program
  • Beautiful and safe school playgrounds
  • Spanish language class
  • Experiential field trips
  • And much more

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation whose board consists of parent volunteers. We raise funds for three schools in the Lagunitas School District. There is a Montessori elementary school, Open Classroom elementary school, and a middle school. Our schools provide outstanding education through unique programs, excellent teachers, and extraordinary parent involvement. Our innovative programs serve as models for other schools across the nation. Our graduates consistently excel in high school, emerging unusually well adapted to the real world with many going on to attend the best colleges and universities in the nation.

Our Board of Directors

Jodie NewDelman, President
Leslie Durkee, Vice President
James Sanders, Secretary
Neily Messerschmidt, Treasurer
Carlina Bjork
Jessica O’Connell
Ashley Fullerton
Wendy Heneghan
Amos Klausner
Anne Mannes
Robin Hendrickson Nelson
Kerry Olivotti
Heather Richardson
Dana Russ
Katherine Sanford
Tracy Signor
Adam Vurek