About the Bobcat Band

The Lagunitas District Bobcat Band program is open to students in fourth through eighth grades.  Currently there is an advanced group, an intermediate group, two beginning groups, and a beginning violin group. The district provides instruments free of charge, weekly instruction on their instrument, and an opportunity for the students to play and perform throughout the school year. Instruments that are offered include flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, cello, bass, and guitar.

Leap would like to thank Music Savers and the parents of the Lagunitas District for their continued support in the Bobcat Band. We would also like to thank The Bill Graham Memorial Foundation for their generous donations to the Lagunitas Bobcat Band. These grants have made it possible for our 70 band students to experience the joy of music today and for many years to come.

We owe huge thanks to Jim Callahan and the Piedmont Piano Company for their generous donation of 48 band instruments. Without these instruments, many of our students would not have an instrument to practice and take home.

Download the PDF Instrument Loan Agreement below: