Farm Burger Give Back Night Sept. 12 2018

Join us on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at Farm Burger in the Red Hill Center for our first Give Back Night of the year!  10% of all proceeds between 5 and 9 PM will be donated back to LEAP.

Passive fundraisers brought more than $9,000 to our district last year and all of this money goes straight to enrichment for the children in the Lagunitas School District.

How to sign up for Smile.Amazon.Com

Amazon will give .5% (that’s point five percent) of your purchases to LEAP!  All you have to do is sign up at and be sure to start your purchases at (the SMILE part is important!).  It may not sound like much but if we all use it regularly it will add up to a significant donation to our schools.

Give Back Night at Arti Cafe

Come join your community as we eat, drink and Give Back!  September 14 at Arti Cafe. Arti Cafe is generously giving LEAP 10% of take out sales all day long and 10% of dine-in dinner from 5-9PM.  Hope to see you there!

Visit the Book Fair! March 6-10

Visit the Book Fair! March 6-10

Come by the Multi Purpose Room on the Lower Campus to visit our amazing annual book fair!  Expertly run by LEAP’s very own Marlene, there are books for all ages and interests. The proceeds go to LEAP which means the money goes to our kids.  Do you have some kids birthday parties to go to soon? Come buy a book!  Baby shower> Buy a book!  Need something to do during power outages? Buy a book and read by candle light.