In the spring of 2015 a finance committee made up of representatives from each program, teachers, the school board and administration made drastic cuts to the district budget. This was necessary to save the district from non-compliance at the county level. One of these cuts was the distribution of the parcel tax to the programs. In 2015/16 school year programs received half of their expected allocation and in this 2016/17 school year they will receive none. Programs used these funds to pay for aides, art, electives and field trips. These programs keep our kids thriving and inspired to learn. We now need to raise this money ourselves or face major cuts to these very important programs next year when we could be unable to meet our expenses.

So what can we do?

PLEDGE – We are asking every family to find a comfortable level of support within your budget. You can make a one time payment or automatic monthly payments of any amount can be set up to make your pledge. Please pledge and help us close the gap in funding between what we get from the state and what we actually need! All of our children are counting on us. Fill out the enclosed pledge card and mail it back, bring it into the school office or donate easily and safely online at:

VOLUNTEER – Many hands make light work. Whether you are involved on the program level or with us at LEAP – it’s all very much needed and appreciated. Baking cupcakes, making pledge calls, working a shift at the book fair or attending a LEAP meeting – whatever your interest is – just show up. Jump in and get involved at whatever level works for you and your family. The kids, teachers, staff and parent volunteers are looking forward to working with you.

USE YOUR SCRIP CARDS AND SIGN UP FOR ESCRIP – FREE MONEY! Truly. LEAP is registered with local merchants and online charitable donation sites and vendors with “pay-it-forward” customer loyalty programs. When you shop, the merchants give back a percentage of your purchase back to our school district. This is passive fundraising with no extra expense to you and very little effort!

Here is what you do:

Put the Good Earth and United scrip cards in your wallet right now. Show them when you check out and earn our district up to 3% on each purchase! Sign up for eScrip, iGive, and Amazon Smile or download the Amazon Benefit app. Follow the directions in the enclosed Scrip letter or go to our website at

ATTEND PROGRAM AND LEAP EVENTS – Go to a party! It’s hard but you can do it. Our school district throws some amazing events, and we are encouraging you to bring your family, let your hair down, hang out with our community and raise some money while having a great time.

We know that sometimes it feels like there is event after event after fundraiser after event. We get it. LEAP will be sending out a calendar over the next few weeks that will have most of the school year’s event dates on it. Check it out and mark on your calendar the events you want to attend in this school year, that fit in your family’s budget and you can commit to. Does Valley Visions, a Give Back Night at Farm Burger and Clothes Off Your Back all sound like a blast? Mark them on your calendar! Have you heard about the great times at Fall Festival, Bingo Night and Open’s Carnival? Right it down when you get our calendar so it doesn’t sneak up on you – or you forget and schedule something else. Attend events! Pretty fun and easy.