Top 10 myths about parent pledge

  1. Public school is free.
    State and federal funding don’t cover the true cost of a well rounded education. Enrichment programs and classroom support require additional funding.
  2. If you pay rent or taxes you’re doing your part.
    Yes, property taxes do represent an important revenue source for our district but alone they don’t cover the district’s annual budget.
  3. If you volunteer you’re doing your part.
    Volunteerism is great and thank you! We appreciate all that you do for LEAP and our children. But enrichment programs cost money and we need to fund important programs like Spanish language instruction.
  4. We can maintain our programs without parent financial support.
    The truth is that we can’t. Without your support we would have to stop funding field trips, teacher grants, classroom aides and more.
  5. Our reserves can keep us going.
    By and large, LEAP spends what it raises each year. Some years we’re lucky to have a small reserve but rainy days keep coming.
  6. You need to pledge $700 a year.
    Pledge what you can afford. Every dollar counts. Getting into the habit of pledging is the most important thing you can do.
  7. Attending a program fundraiser is enough.
    We plan some pretty amazing events and thank you for attending and spending. But while these events bring our community together, they cost a lot to put on and while we do raise money at them, parent pledge is more important.
  8. The change to the parcel tax doesn’t affect your program.
    Several years ago the school board trustees made the difficult decision to stop funding certain programs and put that responsibility back on LEAP. We accepted that challenge but changes in district funding models always have an impact on programs.
  9. We receive enough state funds to support art, aides and music in our district.
    Unfortunately state funding doesn’t cover these valuable arts programs and our wonderful classroom support.
  10. We receive enough federal funding for everything.
    Federal funding is actually a small percentage of the district’s overall budget.

Top 10 truths about parent pledge

  1.  Every bit counts.
    Most parents pledge in monthly installments, not in one chunk. What works best for your family budget?
  2. The average pledge amount is $30 a month.  
    If you can afford more, great. If you can’t, find an amount that works for you.
  3. Every pledge dollar goes directly to our children.
    There are virtually no administrative costs for LEAP. We’re all volunteers and all funds go right back into our kids and their education.
  4. Most parents pledge monthly, not in one chunk.
    Make it work for your budget by spreading out your contribution across the entire school year.
  5. If pledge numbers do not significantly increase, many of the things that make us love our district will start to disappear.
    It sounds drastic, but it’s true. Parent pledge is the single most important part of our annual fundraising.
  6. Pledge pays for aides, art, music, staff development and field trips.
    And more! These are the things that are an important part of a well rounded education.
  7. Pledge can come from parents, grandparents, your employer or your Aunt Sally in Washington.
    It’s true. Many companies have a grant or matching grant program. Many grandparents are looking for a way to support their grand kids. Just ask!
  8. You can pay pledge online.
    Try it now!
  9. Pledging is as much a part of your participation in your kid’s education as getting them to school on time.
    If you consider pledge to be a regular part of school in the San Geronimo Valley you won’t be surprised by annual campaign requests.
  10.  Don’t assume other people are pledging and therefor you don’t need to. 
    On average only about half of our families make an annual pledge. It’s not enough and we need your help.


please contribute what you can

The Lagunitas School District’s charitable foundation, LEAP, coordinates the yearly Parent Pledge drive on behalf of the parent groups of the Montessori, Open Classroom, and middle school programs. Each year, we appeal to every family in our school district to make a tax-deductible contribution to our programs.

We believe public education should be much more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Although these core subjects are undoubtedly essential to learning and communicating, all of our district programs share the philosophy that the best education promotes a love of learning by weaving art, music, nature, movement and a true sense of community into the curriculum and the child’s daily experience.

Unfortunately, the current funding for public schools in California is not enough to make this a reality.  All of our programs rely heavily on parent pledge to give our young learners these opportunities.

LEAP supports:

  • Montessori
    Instructional assistants, art, music, gardening and nutrition, Montessori materials and training, and technology
  • Open Classroom
    Art, music, trapeze, movement, and instructional assistants
  • Middle School
    Laptop computers, emotional literacy, electives program, and instructional assistants
  • General Fund
    Teacher and student mini grants, playground maintenance, Spanish language, field trips and more.

Please join us in supporting the Lagunitas School District’s continuing tradition of providing a rich educational environment for our children. Your pledge is crucial for bridging the gap between government funding and the real financial needs of our unique programs. Thank you so much for your generous support.

If you wish to make your pledge with a credit or debit card, please push the ‘DONATE’ button above!   If you prefer to send a check, please send it to:

P.O. Box 268
San Geronimo CA 94963

LEAP is a 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our tax ID is 94-2778798.