Shopping online?

Please consider taking a no-cost extra step and donate to the Lagunitas school while you are at it.  

Sign up with one or all of the following charitable giving sites or applications to earn money while you shop.  

– eScrip

– iGive

– Amazon Smile 

What is this all about? Passive Fundraising is FREE money for Lagunitas School. Various businesses will donate a percentage of their sales to LEAP.

Who benefits? Passive Fundraising money will be distributed to the programs upon a per child basis at the end of the school year. 

When to use these opportunities? Each time you shop on line.  

How do I do it? Follow the links above to sign up for the various offers. We promise, they are easy to use.

Ask a LEAP member or contact donate@leap4education.org for help in set up.  

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