Donate a little of your valuable time to support our kids!

Be on the LEAP board!

We need 4 or more parents from each program to be on the LEAP board. During the school year, we have 6 -7 in-person meetings and 2-3 conference call meetings. In these meetings, we discuss the needs of our kids, set the direction for LEAP, and decide how to run our fundraising efforts.  How can your strengths and availability match our mission? Contact us and let’s find out.

Volunteer for LEAP fundraising events

Valley Visions.  This is the school district’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Not only is it a super fun adult only party with all your neighbors, it also makes a ton of money. The money comes from sponsorships and the auction. There are lots of great ways you can help out on your own time at your convenience and by phone, for this event.  You’ll get a hand out with more details and who to contact.

In March the multipurpose room turns into a book store. The kid love this event and all proceeds go directly to supplying all the classrooms and both libraries with books. This year we are lucky that board member Denise Bohman has agreed to run it and she won’t even be seeking volunteers.  But please visit the  book fair and stock up on some book for you and your kids.

In May the Country Fair Music Festival is another super fun party, this time the whole family comes together with the community for music, games, food and so much more. Great ways to support and volunteer are on your hand out.

Please check out which way you think you can lend a hand to support the kids and school and be sure to sign up when you hear the call to do so in the coming months.

Valley Visions

This year, Valley Visions will be held on February 2nd at the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course.

Sponsorship- Can be done one your own time with your phone. Do you know of a company or person that would like to sponsor Valley Visions. There are different price tiers. If you don’t know of someone, we have a list of names for you to contact and get them signed up for this year.

Auction- Can be done on your own time with your phone. Get donation items for the auction. There are lots of businesses that do it every year. We need people to follow up and make sure they continue to support us this year.

Day of needs involving decorating, setting up and breaking down, desserts and other opportunities.

Country Fair Music Festival in the Spring

Sell raffle tickets

Make a themed basket for the raffle. (Usually involves getting items donated)

Food and beverage needs

Day of festival working a shift.

All events need public relations get the word out!