Who is LEAP?

LEAP is US! We are the parents, grandparents and community members of the Lagunitas School District. LEAP is the umbrella fundraising organization for our district.

We raise money in the three main ways:
• PLEDGE – recurring contributions where the donor decides how to direct the funds
• ACTIVE FUNDRAISING – fundraising events, such as, Valley Visions (Feb 2, 2019), Give Back Nights, Book Fair, etc…
• PASSIVE FUNDRAISING – companies will give a portion of your purchases to LEAP

Where does the money go?

Pledged funds go directly to the program of the donor’s choice.
Passive funds are divided among the programs based on the number of students in the program.
Active fundraising goes into allocations for the programs ($12,000 for 2017/2018). It also pays for the district wide music program which includes instruction and no cost instruments for kids to take home. LEAP provides “mini-grants” to teachers for materials, field trips, projects… whatever the teacher wants for her or his class.

Some example of recent spending highlights:
• All middle school students will now receive Spanish instruction!
• LEAP was able to deliver $12000 to each program in 2017/2018 (this is ON TOP OF PLEDGE)

Help us bridge the gap between state funding and what it actually takes to produce happy, well-rounded, well-adjusted kids. We need you to participate in any way that you can!

How can you help?

Please support your district financially! Pledge is the most important piece of the fundraising puzzle. In addition to pledge, come to our events. Just buy a ticket and have a great time with your community. Lastly, don’t forget to use SCRIP cards at Good Earth and United Market. 3% of whatever you spend will be donated back to LEAP.
Please volunteer to help LEAP. You can Join the LEAP Board, it’s really not that big of a commitment and we need parents from each program. Help with specific fundraisers, such as, Valley Visions, Book Fair, the Spring Fundraiser…