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Parents Pledge Now!

Pledge is the most important fundraising that is done in our district! Due to COVID, business donations and fundraisers are severely limited. Your pledge is more important than ever
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Scrip Cards

Scrip Cards Did you know that local merchants have offered to donate 3% of what you spend with them to LEAP?  By shopping with a

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Parent Pledge

Pledge We ask that every family contributes something financially to enrich their child’s education.  This type of donation is known as pledge because it is

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Sponsor giving


One of LEAPs most significant sources of funding is Sponsorship. Sponsors are companies, foundations or generous patrons who have generously decided to support all of

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Amazon Smile

Yes, even the mother of all shopping sites gives back to charity. By simply using the website smile.amazon.com you can help raise money for LEAP.

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Be a part of this adventure!

Join LEAP on our mission to support educational enrichment for all children in the Lagunitas School District. Volunteer opportunities large and small to suit your abilities.