Scrip and eScrip

Scrip and eScrip are sources of FREE MONEY for LEAP.  Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably, but they are different programs.

Scrip is a program where local grocery stores give 3% of your purchases back to LEAP.  In our area, Good Earth, United and Fairfax Market all participate. All you need to do is show the cashier your scrip card when you are checking out. That’s it, so easy!

We send scrip cards home at the beginning of the year so you will have them handy. If you don’t receive one, lose one, want cards for your spouse…  just let us know and we’ll get them to you.

eScrip is an online shopping program which donates a portion of sales to LEAP. Different stores have different amounts and some are very generous. Last Halloween, the costume store in the eScrip mall gave 12% of proceeds back to LEAP.  Visit the eScrip website for more information and to go through the simple sign up process.

Amazon Smile is similar to eScrip but it is entirely handled by Amazon. Once you sign up, just do your Amazon shopping like usual and a small portion of you sale will go to LEAP.  Visit the Smile website for more information. The key thing with this program is that you must start from smile.amazon.com to do your shopping.