Thank you to everyone who participated in our pledge drive! It was a big success, we raised a total of $10,472.

The General Fund raised $3,442, Middle School raised $2,600, Montessori raised $2,760 and Open raised $1,670. This was the result of great efforts on behalf of parents and staff. It is an unfortunate reality that we depend on parent raised dollars to support most of our arts and enrichment programs. We are grateful to everyone who helped out, we have come a long way in a short time. We still need to raise more money and pledge participation this year.

To date, roughly half of our parent body have pledged. Open has 26 out of 66 families pledging, LPM 35/66, Middle 44/87 and 23 families have pledged the General Fund. Please encourage employers, grandparents, god-parents, friends and neighbors to pledge if they can. Every dollar donated goes straight to our great kids, and every bit helps.